COVID-19 Policies

Dermatology of Philadelphia | Mohs Surgery Center is committed to keeping our patients, staff, and community as safe as possible from COVID-19.  We take your health and COVID-19 seriously.  The entire Dermatology of Philadelphia staff is fully vaccinated.

Dr. Abdelmalek is an ABC News medical and investigative reporter and has covered the pandemic and the impacts on people and families since the start.  Through his work as a journalist he has spoken with top doctors and public health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA and CDC officials to learn as much as he can about the evolving pandemic.

Dermatology of Philadelphia has developed a thoughtful plan to do our part to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.  We thank you for helping us achieve this.


We require all patients bring and wear a surgical mask or 2-layered cloth face covering during their entire time at our office.   Patients who do not wear a mask will be asked to reschedule their appointment.


We are accepting telemedicine visits when appropriate.  As you can imagine, dermatology is a visual field and nothing replaces actually looking at and examining your skin, so sometimes we may ask that you come in for an in-person visit.

Air Quality

Our office was built during the pandemic and therefore we were able to install a specific type of technology into our HVAC system to improve air quality.  We used Global Plasma Solutions’ patented bipolar ionization to reduce airborne particulates, including virus particles.

Our Team

All of our team members are fully vaccinated and wear masks and other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the office.  We do this to protect patients, ourselves, and our families.

Waiting Room

We have decreased the number of people in our waiting room.  We will take you to an examination room as soon possible.


We may require some patients who are undergoing facial procedures to undergo COVID-19 testing prior to their procedure.  We understand access to testing is not always easy and are monitoring options closely.

Social Distancing

Please help us maintain 6-feet of social distancing while in our office when possible   We are also asking patients to come to their visit alone unless there are circumstances that prevent this.  For children, we ask that only one parent/guardian accompany a child.

Limit time in office

To limit your time in the office and minimize the number of people in the office at any one time, it would be helpful if you would complete some of your questionnaires and medical information in advance through our patient portal in advance of your visit.